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6 Sep 2023

Come and join us at 86.

Coatings Trends & Technologies Summit (CTT)

Illinois USA


8 Sep 2023

IST INTECH is thrilled to be exhibiting at the Coatings Trends & Technologies Summit in Chicago!

We are delighted to announce that IST INTECH will be a part of the upcoming Coatings Trends & Technologies Summit in Chicago. As pioneers in innovative UV curing technology for industrial applications, we are eager to join this prestigious event that brings together leaders, experts, and visionaries from the coatings industry.

At IST INTECH, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of UV curing technology in the coatings sector. Our bespoke solutions have redefined precision and efficiency, empowering businesses to achieve unparalleled results.

Join us at the Summit to explore the latest advancements in coatings technology, discover our cutting-edge UV curing solutions, and engage with our team of experts. This is an incredible opportunity to connect, learn, and exchange ideas with industry frontrunners.