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18 May 2023

Come and join us at

IMI Inkjet Conference 2023

Orlando, Florida USA


19 May 2023

IST INTECH will be exhibiting and presenting a the 2023 IMI Inkjet Conference in Orlando, Florida. Holly Steedman will be presenting: Industry 4.0 – Curing to perfection with IST INTECH’s Addressability

The IMI Inkjet Conference 2023, the inkjet industry’s annual flagship strategic conference, will be May 18-19, 2023 at The Florida Hotel & Conference Center in Orlando, Florida. Trusted as a primary source of high value information by senior executives and commercial managers for 30+ years; the program addresses the most recent innovations, trends, and issues critical to continued adoption, growth, and expansion of inkjet printing applications and markets.

Inkjet’s rapid pace of technology developments, applications expansion, and increasing market potential – it is now more important than ever for you to keep up to date thus enabling maximization of your participation, success, and profitability in the inkjet industry.