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28 Nov 2023

Come and join us at

Industrial Print Integration Conference 2023



29 Nov 2023

IST INTECH will be attending and presenting at the IPI (Industrial Print Integration Conference) taking place from 28th to 29th November in Dusseldorf, Germany.

For decades, specialist printing has been the source of industrial application solutions: Healthcare and pharmaceuticals, automotive, printed electronics, Internet of Things but also the growing success of additive techniques have established print as a manufacturing solution. The expansion of fluid deposition systems on diverse surfaces and across various markets have proven how versatile printing can be. But many applications are only at the beginning of this integration process, learning the power of expanding, combining, or evolving technologies.

The goal of Industrial Print Integration is to introduce industry partners to a world of new manufacturing possibilities. We want to show the adaptability of a number of print processes from large to small, from ultra-precision to high speed, from volume production to customisation and “mass customisation”. ESMA members and partners – manufacturers, suppliers, providers and consultants, all of them leading print technology experts – are best placed to showcase and explain the disrupting power of print.

IPI brings together experts from all industrial print technologies to consult on best case options as well as to provide tips on new developments, allowing manufacturers to compare strengths and identify best practices. Screen and pad printing, inkjet, spray coating, as well as other jetting techniques are all welcome to offer their solutions to today’s market’s crucial issues, including technology, sustainability and new business models.