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19 Nov 2024

Come and join us at Tabletop A4.

Industrial Print Integration Conference 2024

Dusseldorf-Neuss Germany


20 Nov 2024

We are thrilled to announce that IST INTECH will be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming Industrial Print Integration (IPI) Conference in Germany. The event, focused on the convergence of industrial applications and printing technologies, serves as a platform for industry leaders to explore new manufacturing possibilities and exchange insights on the disruptive power of print.

For decades, specialist printing has played a pivotal role in providing industrial application solutions across various sectors, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, automotive, printed electronics, and the Internet of Things. The success of additive techniques and the expansion of fluid deposition systems on diverse surfaces have demonstrated the versatility of printing as a manufacturing solution.

At IPI, our goal is to showcase the adaptability of various print processes, ranging from large to small, ultra-precision to high speed, and volume production to customization and “mass customization.” As proud members and partners of ESMA, a network of leading print technology experts, we are eager to highlight the transformative potential of print technologies in the industrial landscape.

The conference will bring together experts from diverse industrial print technologies, including screen and pad printing, inkjet, spray coating, and other jetting techniques. By providing a platform for consultation on best case options and offering insights into new developments, IPI enables manufacturers to compare strengths and identify best practices.

The discussions at IPI will address crucial issues in today’s market, including technology, sustainability, and new business models. IST INTECH looks forward to contributing to these conversations and presenting our cutting-edge solutions that leverage the power of UV LED curing technology.

Join us at the Industrial Print Integration Conference in Germany to explore the future of industrial printing and discover how IST INTECH is at the forefront of driving innovation in this dynamic field.