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We’re thrilled to announce that IST INTECH is sponsoring the OxLEP Shining Star Award for the sixth consecutive year. This award recognises individuals who have demonstrated exceptional progress in their careers post-apprenticeship, showcasing their potential for even greater achievements.

Simon Roberts, Managing Director at IST INTECH, shares why the company continues to support these awards and the significance of apprenticeships:

“We are delighted to sponsor the Shining Star category for the sixth year in a row. IST INTECH has been a long-time supporter not only of the Oxfordshire Apprenticeships Awards but of apprenticeships in general.”

“Over half of our senior leadership team are former apprentices or vocationally trained, including our CEO. We view apprenticeships as a meaningful and rewarding path to a chosen career and have implemented various programs within our business over the years.”

What IST INTECH looks for in the Shining Star winner:

“We seek individuals passionate about their chosen careers and selecting apprenticeships as a route. We look for evidence of positive contributions to their employers or businesses. The ideal finalist will articulate a clear vision for future career development, continuing with further training and professional development, and a passion for encouraging and mentoring others.”

Simon’s advice for potential entrants or nominees:

“Go for it, and please don’t be shy. We love hearing people talk positively about their job roles and how they found their chosen career. Share your story to inspire others about the rewarding and meaningful experience of taking an apprenticeship.”

About IST INTECH’s commitment to apprenticeships:

“We have extensive participation with local schools, businesses, and the wider community in mentoring and championing the Oxfordshire Apprenticeships program. This includes offering work experience and careers advice to young people, ensuring they understand the value an apprenticeship can bring and why businesses offer them.”

“We’ve utilised apprenticeships for recruitment and maintain a constant program of internal training and mentoring to ensure our workforce remains ‘world class.’ The Shining Star Award aligns with the ethos IST INTECH promotes around apprenticeships and further training.”

Let’s celebrate the outstanding achievements of apprentices and the businesses supporting their journeys at the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards on Thursday, May 16, 2024, at the Williams Racing Conference Centre!