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Thrilled to share that Elena from Futureprint recently had a captivating interview with our very own Neil Stickland, shedding light on the innovative strides IST INTECH is making in the realm of UV LED curing systems.

In this insightful conversation, Neil delved into the intricacies of Advanced Addressability, a key feature in our cutting-edge UV LED curing technology. They explored how this technology is revolutionizing the way we approach curing processes, offering unparalleled precision and control.

Neil shared his perspectives on the impact of Advanced Addressability on industrial applications, emphasizing its role in enhancing efficiency, reducing waste, and pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in UV LED curing.

At IST INTECH, we’re committed to pushing the envelope of innovation, and this interview provides a glimpse into the forefront of UV LED curing advancements. As we continue to pioneer new possibilities, we’re excited about the transformative potential that Advanced Addressability brings to industries ranging from printing to manufacturing.